Research Topics

1. Self healing nanofiber for anti-corrosion and advanced composites
2. Transparent flexible electronics (conducting films)
3. Transparent flexible heaters
4. Thermal & electrical barrier insulation
5. Electronics cooling & pool boiling via nanotexturing
6. Photocatalysis (water splitting)
7. Water purification membranes
8. Thin film solar cells (CIGS)
9. Wettability control (superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic surfaces)
10. Computational material science
11. Computational fluid dynamics
12. Energy harvesting
13. Nanofibers for medical treatments
14. Nanofibers for light scattering

Nanomaterials We Use

Graphene, CNT, Metal oxide, Metal, Silver nanowire, Metal organic framework, Clay, Nanofibers, Phase change material

Coating Techniques

Supersonic cold spraying, Aerosol deposition, Atomic layer deposition, Electrospinning, Electroplating, Electrospraying, Inkjet printing, Spin coating, Doctor blading,