312 International Journal of Energy Research (Supersonically Sprayed Cobalt Titanate and PVDF for Flexible Piezoelectric Nanogenerators) 2023-11-21
311 Journal of Materials Science & Technology (Beta-phase transformation of polyvinylidene fluoride with supersonically sprayed ZnSnO3 cuboids for flexible piezoelectric nanogenerators) 2023-11-15
310 Chemical Engineering Journal (Review of indium-free, transparent and flexible metallic fibers for wearable electronics) 2023-10-12
309 Physics of Fluids (Effect of muzzle gas on forward blood spatter from a gunshot: Experiments with a supersonic de Laval nozzle) 2023-09-11
308 Applied Surface Science (Nanotextured surfaces with iron oxide and titania for antibacterial and water purification applications via supersonic spraying) 2023-09-11
307 Advance Functional Materials (Transparent, Flexible, and Highly Sensitive Piezocomposite Capable of Harvesting and Monitoring Kinetic Movements of Microbubbles in Liquid) 2023-09-05
306 International Journal of Energy Research (Convection Cooling Enhancement for Energy Conversion Systems Using Rhombic-Dodecahedral-Zeolitic-Imidazolate-Framework- 8-Nanotextured Surfaces) 2023-09-05
305 Case Studies in Thermal Engineering (Natural convection in vertical solar heat collector nanotextured with reduced graphene oxide and silver nanowires) 2023-08-16
304 Nano Energy (Scalable, flexible BaTiO3/PVDF piezocomposites prepared via supersonic spraying for use in energy harvesting and integrated energy storage devices) 2023-07-19
303 International Journal of Energy Research (Supersonically Sprayed Flexible ZnO/PVDF Composite Films with Enhanced Piezoelectricity for Energy Harvesting and Storage) 2023-07-17
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