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277 International Journal of Energy Research (Carbon-nickel core-shell nanofibers decorated with bimetallic nickel-gallium chalcogenide nanosheets as flexible, binder-free lithium-ion-battery anodes) 2022-09-14
276 International journal of Energy Research (High-energy-density supercapacitors using supersonically sprayed water-based precursors comprising cobalt iron oxide and reduced graphene oxide nanosheets) 2022-06-03
275 Catalysts(Facile Preparation of Porous Carbon Flake-Supported Nickel Nanoplates as Effective Catalysts for Methanol Electrooxidation) 2022-05-23
274 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (Effect of heater wire configuration and nanotexturing on force) 2022-04-25
273 Ceramics International (Flexible and freestanding manganese/iron oxide carbon nanofibers for supercapacitor electrodes ) 2022-03-30
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270 NPG Asia Materials (Wearable multifunctional soft sensor and contactless 3D scanner using supersonically sprayed silver nanowires, carbon nanotubes, zinc oxide, and PEDOT:PSS) 2022-03-14
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