226 Journal of Visualization (Splash suppression during wafer wet cleaning through drop penetration across metal meshes and porous fiber mats) 2019-12-20
225 Journal of Propulsion and Power(Self-Excited Instability of Closed-Type Swirl Injector with Varying Conditions) 2019-12-20
224 Applied Thermal Engineering (Efficient heat spreader using supersonically sprayed graphene and silver nanowire) 2019-12-10
223 Acta Biomaterialia (In vitro evaluation of Pt-coated electrospun nanofibers for endovascular coil embolization) 2019-12-10
222 Advanced Materials (Supersonic Cold Spraying for Energy and Environmental Applications: One-Step Scalable Coating Technology for Advanced Micro- and Nanotextured Materials) 2019-12-10
221 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (Wearable, Stretchable, Transparent All-in-One Soft Sensor Formed from Supersonically Sprayed Silver Nanowires) 2019-12-10
220 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering (Supersonically sprayed Zn2SnO4/SnO2/CNT nanocomposites for high-performance supercapacitor electrodes) 2019-08-02
219 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (Electrostatic tranparent air filter membranes composed of metallized microfibers for particulate removal) 2019-07-15
218 Applied Mathematical Modelling (Theoretical model for swirling thin film flows inside nozzles with converging-diverging shapes) 2019-07-09
217 Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (Enhanced electrical conductivity of transparent electrode using metal microfiber networks for gridless thin-film solar cells) 2019-06-14
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